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Webfuel is an IT consulting and software engineering company specialized in the development of Rich Internet Applications.

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Boonzi, a new Personal Finance Management platform

We are pleased to announce the launch of Boonzi, a personal finance management platform that let’s users perform an x-ray to their financial life after importing their statements from online banking solutions. Boonzi imports statements from pretty most any bank in the world. By using an innovative and 100% safe technique, Boonzi interprets the statements in online banking systems, identifying and categorizing automatically each transaction. In the other words, users only need to login into their online banking systems using their web-browser, select their statements using the mouse, and then click on a button on Boonzi. Boonzi will then import and categorize the transactions automatically, and show valuable reports to let the user identify possible savings.

Boonzi is available at www.boonzi.pt . The site is currently only in Portuguese, but the product is already prepared to be used worldwide, featuring multiple languages and currencies. We are preparing to launch Boonzi other countries pretty soon.


Airgile v1.5 connects with Eclipse-based IDEs

Airgile is a Cloud-based application for the management and orchestration of teams, projects and tasks, available at http://airgile.com . We have launched version 1.5 that features a brand new delicious user interface and a connector to Eclipse based IDEs, like Flash Builder, Aptana, Zend, or SAP Netweaver Dev. Studio.

Three months after launching version 1, Airgile is now being used by more than 300 companies and individuals with high levels of user satisfaction. See below a video demoing version 1.5.


It's time for multi-screen applications

Mobile phones, digital tablets, computers and even TV's connected to the Internet - there are today a range of completely different devices that can work with your data. Users want their applications and data available in all these devices synchronized in realtime. With so many different vendors and devices, development companies are having a hard time keeping up with the knowledge needed to master all these constantly evolving devices and technologies. Fortunately, much thanks to the Adobe Air runtime, it's now the right time to invest in the development of applications that can be configured to run in most of the devices out there.

Adobe Air is present in a huge range of devices, from Android 2.2 phones (HTC, Samsung, Nexus One, Motorola), to several tablets (Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab), SmartTVs/set-top-boxes (Samsung SmartTV, Logitech Revue) and iOS devices - iPhone and iPad, using the iPhone packager. This means it's now possible to implement applications to run in all these devices, and more, to have them inter-connected and synchronizing data in realtime.

Of course, the differences between devices introduce some new paradigms - for example, users can't expect to have a keyboard on a TV neither a mouse to rollover buttons on a digital tablet. But instead of being disadvantages these differences are, in reality, opportunities since they open up a new range of possibilities that weren't possible before thanks to each device's new capabilities. Imagine a platform to manage a logistics company. Thanks to GPS, mobile phones can be used to track where each truck is in real time and allow drivers to report problems or to get new routing information from the central system. Touch support in tablets make them the ideal device to allow the logistics support team to navigate on maps by using their fingers, and to specify new routes and destinations for each truck. Thanks to the huge screen size, SmartTVs are perfect for showing dashboards and maps showing the location of each truck highlighting delayed deliveries, traffic problems, broken trucks, etc. And, of course, computers will always be there to allow users to do everything in the way they always did.

This is not the future, this is today - and Webfuel is the right partner to develop this type of solutions for your company.


We have launched the beta of Airgile - a project management application

After many years of experience with several amazing project/ticket management applications - like Trac, Jira, redmine, Basecamp, and others -, we understood that most of the applications out there either have too many features and are complicated, or they are simple but lacking most of the essential features. Airgile was built to fill this gap - it has the power of Trac and yet it is simpler and faster. It's targeted to any type of user, even those without much experience in IT.

Apart from the typical features of a project management application - managing tickets, projects and users -, Airgile features a very usable user interface, automatic data synchronization - yes, no page refreshes are needed -, changing languages in less than a second, multi-project management under the same account, collaboration features, amazing file management (with non-blocking uploads and downloads), among others.

We are continuously improving Airgile with new features every week and in our roadmap we're considering, for example, adding SCRUM planning approaches, SCM (SVN) integration with one click, realtime chat, connection to Eclipse via Mylyn, synchronization with Trac, Jira and Mylyn, among other. We are listening to our users and improving the product according to the feedback we receive. We strongly advise you to try Airgile - we're sure you'll love it.


We were at Adobe MAX 2010

We were pleased to be present at Adobe MAX 2010, Los Angeles, and to experience in first hand some of best upcoming innovations. This year's MAX was impressively focused on digital experiences across multiple inter-connected devices, from mobile phones and tablets to TVs. Adobe has made an amazing job partnering with some of the biggest technology leaders in the world - Google, Motorola, RIM, Samsung, Htc, Nvidia and many others - to get their tools and runtimes running on most of the devices available today. Flash Player and Adobe Air are now present in dozens of different devices, allowing any company expert in Flash to reuse their know-how to develop for these devices.

A great thing about MAX is how easy it is to meet and talk with people from other companies, from developers to business strategists, thanks to the relaxed spirit of the event. We had the opportunity to meet people from several companies and to see some impressive innovations. Samsung and Google are investing a lot on the Digital Home concept, with set-top-boxes and TV's connected to the Internet that give you the power to install your own applications - that we can develop at Webfuel. Blackberry is going to launch Playbook, a digital tablet with impressive specs supporting Adobe Air. We are eager to get ours and start deploying our applications into the Blackberry marketplace. We were amazed with Alternativa3D, a 3D engine running in Flash Player with an impressive performance and quality.

You can watch this year's keynotes at Adobe TV. One of the biggest announcenents was the support for GPU acceleration in Flash Player, which opens great new possibilities for 3D and gaming. Gaming will also going to climb another step, since Flash applications can now be controlled with game controllers - from gamepads to steering wheels. It was very clear that the future of paper magazines and newspapers resides in digital tablets, opening up a whole new type of experiences for the reader.

Bottom line, Adobe once again raised the bar by opening up a new range of possibilities and allowing developers to target all these new devices. It's now the right moment to invest in having your applications running in you computer, mobile phone, tablet, and even TVs, and to see these all devices communicating with each-other in real-time.