About us

What happens when you join passion, innovation, best practices and perfectionism?


Defines us

Software Engineering best practices

We take best practices from software engineering very seriously. Our products are maintainable, secure, efficient and stable.

User Experience

Our solutions are built with the end-user in mind. Our products are characterized for their usability, speed and easiness. Every pixel counts. Every click counts.


We are very passionate about our work. We love challenges, to defy the limits of technology and to build jaw-dropping solutions.


We are perfectionists by nature and we work to make sure our products stand out for their quality.

Agile methodologies

Reality changes, and so do projects. We are prepared to deal with changes on long term projects, and our workflow is shaped to embrace change.

Our technologies

The power of the latest RIA technologies is opening a wide horizon of possibilities that enable us to provide state-of-the-art solutions.

About us

Webfuel is a company specialized on the consulting and development of enterprise Rich Internet Applications. What makes us unique, apart from our experience with RIA technologies, is the investment we've made in joining the best of both worlds of user interface and software engineering. Our solutions are built with the end-user in mind - they are focused on helping the users reaching their objectives in the fastest and easiest way possible.

We are located in Portugal, but working for the global market. We have the right tools and methodologies to work remotely, and our obsession with productivity led us to the creation of a very unique workflow, joining Agile methodologies with dozens of productivity tools.
We can handle all project stages, from consulting, requirements capture, user studies, prototyping and system design, to the actual implementation of the solution. We master most of all technologies needed for enterprise RIA development, both client-side and server-side, and we can study third-party solutions to implement integrations between different systems.

In today''s reality, development of new solutions need to take in account the fact that users connect to the internet with their phones, digital tablets, and even TVs. We have the expertise needed to build applications that can target most of today''s devices, taking advantage of each device capabilities.


Our history starts in 2002, two years before Webfuel was actually created. We were developing web solutions using state-of-the-art technologies. At the same time we were also researching on software engineering practices, in the academical environment. In 2004 the expertise we had acquired with these technologies along with engineering research results made us believe that it was possible to build enterprise applications running inside the browser without the typical limits of web applications - Rich Internet Applications. That's when we decided to create Webfuel.

In 2005 we were actively following and participating on the open-source Flash community (osflash.org). OsFlash was raising the bar in Flash development, with tools like ASDT, MTASC, ARP, AMFPHP, among other. We started researching on the creation of an effective workflow to build enterprise RIAs, and we finished the first prototype of a full-featured RIA running inside any browser, operative system and even mobile phones in the start of 2006.

2006 was the year when we, together with João Fernandes and Kim Hansen, started the portuguese RIA community, that until 2010 has grown to 500 members.
2006 was also the year of the release of Adobe Flex 2, the most remarkable IDE and SDK for RIA development, leading to an explosion of interest on this topic. Our team had to be reinforced from three to five persons, the same persons that today are still the core of Webfuel.

In 2008 we've established a partnership with Web-Responsive, thanks to their consolidated knowledge on server-side engineering especially on banking solutions. We shifted our focus to the financial sector, working in simulators, personal finance management applications and trading solutions. In 2010, Webfuel created a sub-brand, Web-Emotions, more focused to digital experiences, user interfaces and interactive applications.

Future plans for Webfuel involve launching new software-as-service solutions (stay tuned), expanding to other markets outside Europe, investing in multi-screen development (applications running across mobile phones, digital tablets and TVs) and creating new strategic partnerships.