Airgile is a project/ticket management Rich Internet Application featuring a very intuitive and responsive user interface, data synchronization, multi-language support and configurable project types so it can be adapted to any business.


Project/ticket management platform


Almost all, but especially IT

Average development time:

Updated weekly
4 months for the public release

Official release date:

20th of November of 2010



At Webfuel we are obsessed with productivity. We use dozens of productivity tools and workflows to help us work faster and improve the quality of our projects. After several years using different project management solutions, we decided to build our own because we had a need: we wanted to include clients in the project management process, but existing tools were not up to the task. Trac, Jira, or Bugzilla are very powerful ticket management applications, but they scare users with their complexity. In the other hand, Basecamp is more team-focused, it has a better user interface, but it lacks the flexibility and power of Trac. Airgile was built to fill that gap but especially to open doors for future new features that don't exist yet on the market - for example, SCRUM planning inside a ticket management application.

Invite your client to keep track of the project

We've shaped to user interface to reduce the learning curve to the bare minimum. It's normally hard for clients to follow the development process, since existing tools are hard to learn and normally targeted for people with experience in IT. Airgile is not only very easy to understand and use, as it allows you to add your clients to projects and share only what you want to - since you can mark tickets as confidential.


Airgile is a Rich Internet Application running on the browser. This means users don't need to install Airgile - they simply open in the web-browser and they're ready to go! Thanks to Flash Player, Airgile will run in any browser and operative system without compatibility problems.

In constant evolution

Applying principles from Continuous Integration, we are continuosly evolving Airgile by adding new features and improving the existing ones. We are listening to Airgile users so we can shape Airgile according to the user demand. We're planning to add features such as built-in SCM with one-click configuration, SCRUM planning features, reporting, resources management, among others.

Automatic synchronization

Airgile synchronizes data in background. Yes, in other words you don't need the refresh button on the browser to see if there are updates to tickets. Just keep Airgile open and everytime someone in your team adds, changes or deletes a ticket, you will simple see it happening in your browser window, without moving a finger.

Blazing fast!

Thanks to Flash technology Airgile is impressively fast. There are no page-refreshes while you navigate on the application - or, in other words, no waiting times! -, except when you save data. And even saving is very fast, thanks to the remoting technology used in Airgile.


Airgile has multi-language support and currently supports English and Portuguese. Other languages will be added later. Changing from one language to another is instantaneous, since no page refreshes are needed in Airgile.

Use it for any business, not just IT projects

Project management applications are normally shaped for IT projects. Airgile, in the other hand, can be used in any type of project - for example, you can use it to manage a construction company. Project managers can define their own ticket states, types and importances, so Airgile can handle projects for most of the industries.

Intuitive interface without sacrificing the number of features

Existing ticket management tools are either feature-complete but too complicated, or simple and intuitive but lacking essential features. Airgile fills the gap by providing a very intuitive user interface without sacrificing the number of features.

Available to any type of wallet

Supported in a Software-as-a-Service model, Airgile features different plans according to your needs. The basic plan costs 6€/month, but you can start using Airgile from 0€ - using the free account, with a limit of two projects. The best: don't worry about server maintenance, software updates, or having to spend more money everytime there's a new version. We'll be behind Airgile updating it for you.


After some years trying different tools and workflows we were pretty happy with Trac, SVN and Mylyn working together. Unfortunately, the workflow was far from being perfect: in one hand, we couldn't get clients following the project evolution using Trac because of the learning curve. In the other hand, Trac has no tools for SCRUM management and existing plugins were not good enough for our needs. So we decided to build our own application for our own use.

We started using Airgile internally with our clients and it worked perfectly. Our clients satisfaction increased - communication got easier; they could easily keep track of project evolution; and for us, project management got more organized. In the meanwhile, some of our clients requested if we could provide them Airgile for their own use. We were surprised with this interest and that's when we decided it could be interesting to release Airgile for other companies supported in a Software-as-service model.