We've developed several financial simulators for banks and insurance companies in Portugal. Our simulators have a very high conversion rate, since we join simplicity, interactivity and imagination in simulators that generate results instantaneously.


Several simulators for several banks




Banco Best
Caixa Geral de Depósitos

Current state


Estimated development time

1 month/simulator



Interactive and responsive simulators

Simulators are normally slow and boring. Users normally have to fill and refill several times complex and tedious forms and wait for the results to get different scenarios for simulators. Our simulators don't suffer from that typical problem thanks to their responsiveness: results are shown at the same time users are filling data, so they can easily test different scenarios without restarting the simulator or refilling gigantic forms.

Simulators on mobile phones

Our simulators can be adapted to run on mobile phones, without limiting the user experience. Despite the small screen, we can provide a user experience that resembles what users are used to on the desktop, without the typical limitations on mobile phones. Users can send simulation results to their account manager, and then place a call from the simulator itself.

Fast and intuitive

The user interface is organized to help users, and it provides additional information on each field explaining the field purpose - not everyone is expert in financial terms. When possible, we try to simplify as much as possible the formulas to ask to the user the least information possible without sacrificing the accuracy of the results.

You can provide your algorithm

If you're a financial institution you might be asking if you can provide your own algorithms for our simulators. The answer is, naturally, yes. The algorithms behind the simulators are provided by clients as normal Excel sheets - or other standard solutions -, and not only we implement them as we try to provide solutions to simplify the algorithms to increase the conversion rate. We've worked with several different algorithms, for example, retirement, mortgage and car insurance.

Simulation results and support

After finishing a simulation, users can export results into a PDF or request to be contacted by the bank. If your bank has support centers prepared for realtime chat we can place a chat window on the simulator so users can place questions in realtime.

No more boring simulations

Simulators don't need to be long tedious forms - with some imagination, we can turn an annoying experience into something fun, or even viral. We tried, for example, integrating video with a simulator by recording one actress that reacts to the user input, and makes suggestions or jokes with the user. By being a different concept the simulator generated buzz on social networks and financial magazines, increasing the number of users doing simulations.