TradeNovaFX is a FOREX Trading platform running on the web-browser as a Rich Internet Application, and featuring a social community with live chat and a marketplace for selling trading algorithms.


FOREX Trading platform, with a social community and marketplace



Systems integration

Realtime FIX connection with MBTrading, using OnixS
Payments with Paypal
Community and realtime chatrooms with OpenFire



Current state

Final stages of development / testing

Average development time

7 months





TradeNovaFX is a FOREX Trading platform, built as a Rich Internet Application running on the web-browser. It features a social community that allows traders to chat and share their experiences while they place trading orders, and a marketplace where users can buy and sell their automated trading algorithms. TradeNova Ltd, an innovative Finnish company specialized in FOREX Trading, hired our services to provide IT consulting and implementation of the full platform - user interface, frontend, backend and integration with third-parties. Webfuel joined hands with Web-Responsive to achieve not only a great user experience, but also a stable trading platform.

Realtime quotes and positions

TradeNovaFX is connected to MBTrading using a FIX connection to get realtime position updates and quotes for all symbols. Everytime the TradeNovaFX server gets new data from MBTrading, it pushes the data to the connected users, updating the symbol values, candle charts and user's PnL.

Trading in the web-browser - no software installation needed

With TradeNovaFX, anyone can start trading in one minute. Users simply need to open their web-browser, create an account in TradeNova by simply filling a form with their MBTrading information, and go to the Trading Environment. It's as simple as that. Without leaving the web-browser, users will get quotes updating in realtime for all symbols, several candle charts rendering simultaneously and information about their positions, orders, balance and account information. And, of course, users can place buy and sell orders.

Social Community with chat rooms

Forex traders spend a lot of time in front of the computer placing orders and studying the market tendencies. TradeNovaFX introduces a different concept for allowing traders to share their experience with other users by providing chat rooms and private chatting directly on the trading environment. TradeNovaFX features chat rooms with moderators, private chats, and friend' management, so traders can search for their connections and add them as friends.


Automated expert advisors - bots - are algorithms that constantly analyse the market and make trading suggestions or even place automatic orders. TradeNovaFX supports a marketplace where users can sell their algorithms. Payments are done with Paypal accounts, to ensure a secure standard payment method that is familiar for traders.

Technical overview

TradeNovaFX was a very interesting and challenging project. Trading is a complex area and our main challenge was to find solutions to simplify the trading experience, so users new trading could start placing orders in a simple and intuitive way.

Another challenge was the implementation of the servers, a task where Web-Responsive's expertise on J2EE was crucial. TradeNovaFX is composed with at least three servers - the application server, the trading server and quotes server. The trading server is connected to MBTrading using the Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol, handled by OnyxS libraries. Both the quotes and trading servers push data to clients using BlazeDS push mechanism.

One of the requirements was to offer the same experience in the trading enviroment that traders are used to in desktop applications - namely, support for multiple candle charts updating simultaneously in real time and handling over 500 thousand quotes. We've implemented the candle charts from scratch, and using object recycling mechanisms provided with Flex 4, we were able to achieve charts with performance similar to the desktop experience, featuring scrolling with easing, zooms, and automatic scaling among others.